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Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of emotions, creativity and generosity. Verbano Events takes care not only to organize extraordinary experiences, but also to spread love and solidarity through the activities it offers.

For Verbano Events, every event is a unique opportunity to leave a positive mark on the world. We are proud to collaborate with “Il Mondo di Mattia” and “A.I.S.K. ONLUS”, two charities whose causes we embrace with all our heart. Through our agency and the activities we propose, from Team Building to weddings, you can also contribute to support them!

We present them to you:

Il Mondo di Mattia

“Il Mondo di Mattia”  for us is not only a charity, but Mattia Ovelli is a child that the CEO of Verbano Events, Federica Zambonni, had the honor to hold in her arms from an early age, and hold his hands until the end. Mattia was a fantastic child, always smiling, ready to help others and with so much willpower. Sadly he died at 13 because of a rare brain tumor, after 5 long years of therapy, this illness took away a small life outside, but a so big heart inside. Mattia was a cheerful, curious and creative boy. Travel and music were his passions, going to school was his main ambition. When he became ill with brain cancer in 2016, he struggled with all his strength, overcoming very delicate and devastating therapies, always with a smile and above all with the desire to go to school with his friends and learn as much as possible, as if his time was never enough.

His willpower manifested with his attachment to school, attending it even during treatment. He had a special focus on people in need by putting in second plsce his own. He wanted to be successful with his studies and then in future at work, that’s why he often imagined his life “when he grew up”.

The association, founded in his memory, wishes to continue the path of solidarity of Mattia supporting various projects of motor learning and psychoaptitude dedicated to children suffering from neurological diseases. To help those boys and girls in difficulty who want to study and grow up by making their own contribution to our world.

One of our Team Building activities “Mini Bike Building” is designed for these children. The activity involves the construction by hand of wooden bicycles called “balance bikes”, and these small bicycles help children with walking problems, in the acquisition of balance.

Discover “Mini Bike Building


A.I.S.K. Italian Kabuki Syndrome Association ONLUS brings together patients suffering from this rare genetic disease and their families with the aim of welcoming anyone who feels the need to share their experience and their energy to create a wide and strong network on the entire national territory.
The association works in the world of volunteering with the aim of spreading knowledge and updates on Kabuki Syndrome, offering support to families and patients and raising funds for funding scientific research.
Kabuki syndrome is a congenital disease characterized by multiple malformations and mental retardation.
It was first described in 1981 by Niikawa and Kuroki. The name comes from the facial features of these patients, reminiscent of the makeup used in traditional Kabuki theater. Reported for the first time in Japanese patients, this syndrome was subsequently observed in numerous subjects around the world.
A.I.S.K. is working with the intention of becoming a reference point to exchange medical and technical information for families and operators and to make available to associated experts who help to find solutions to problems in schools, healthcare or health.


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