The Borromean Gulf of Lake Maggiore is characterized by the presence of the three islands.

Bella Island is the most renowned of the three, it was transformed from a nude rock to a luxuriant garden over the years.

The island is dominated by the magnificent baroque palace of the Borromean family and its Italian garden that extends on 10 terraced levels where peacocks move freely.

Madre island is the biggest of the three islands and it is renowned for its garden of the beginning of nineteenth century with its refined botanical collections and the palace of the Borromean family. There you can admire spectacular blooms and exotic plants and also peacocks, pheasants and parrots.

On request it is possible to organize events on the island. We organized the first ever gala dinner on Isola Madre in 2016.

The fishermen’s island is the only inhabited and it doesn’t belong to the heritage of Borromean family. It is characterized by an ancient fishermen’s village.

It is nice to wander in its narrow streets where you can see little shops and typical restaurants.

It seems a place where time doesn’t go by.

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