Baveno Express team building

Known as “Baveno Express”, the new format created by Verbano Events, this team building took place successfully in September in Baveno on Lake Maggiore.

Baveno Express is the Verbano Events format designed to combine adventure and development of your team’s performance on Lake Maggiore.

Verbano Events has created an original team building event inspired by the television program “Pékin Express” and called it “Baveno Express”. Organized in September, “Baveno Express” brought together about fifty participants.

“It is in difficulty that the best of ourselves is revealed! After many months apart, it is with pride that we have rediscovered the team members facing these challenges in their best light: Care, solidarity, commitment, perseverance but above all… Authentic team building! The “Baveno Express” Team Building was designed to strengthen ties, energize and stimulate strong synergies, first of all among our members but also with other players present in Baveno, and in its hamlets of Oltrefiume, Rocaro and Romanico.

Beijing Express is the perfect combination of the adrenaline of the challenge and the beauty of the places encountered on this enthralling journey. Although the most evident dynamic is that of competition between the different teams, in reality it is the collaboration between the components of the pairs that is of vital importance.

In fact, every couple must communicate and collaborate effectively if they want to achieve the final goal. Mutual trust is an essential element in every couple, and it is precisely sharing the journey, the journey and the challenges that strengthen this very important feeling.

During the adventure, the strengths emerge, but above all the weaknesses of each member of the team: in these moments, the support of one’s teammate is essential to overcome one’s limits and bring the team to cross the finish line first .

All this dynamic can be easily transported to the corporate world. It often happens that you have to work in small groups, sometimes in pairs: on these occasions, trusting each other, communicating effectively and cooperating are essential ingredients for completing a corporate task.

And it was precisely from the world of Beijing Express that we took inspiration to create our own team building format that takes advantage of exciting and creative challenges, to be carried out in pairs, useful for the growth of the entire company team.

“Baveno Express” activity:
Welcoming participants and building teams
Activity briefing
Presentation of the program and development of the mission
Sequence every 20-30 minutes of the different missions
End of missions
Winning team award

Activities include:
Guess who
Compass and Map
Look for the keys
Collect flags of your team color and hidden clues
Brain teaser
Mental calculation test
The tasting of typical products in the village
Photo challenge

How the Pekin Express format works
The Beijing Express format is divided into two different modes:

Training, centered on learning new skills through practical and interactive activities;
Playful, which instead uses the means of play to learn the correct way to work in pairs or groups.

In this activity, the entire corporate group is involved in a real journey, which can last several hours or even a few days. The team establishes a goal to be achieved together, and while walking, both theoretical and experiential training takes place, thanks to the support of strategically oriented company coaches.

The journey is carried out by the corporate team as a whole, but the training activities mostly take place in pairs or small groups, in order to adequately focus on all the dynamics that emerge in the interaction with one’s colleagues.

At the end of the journey, the team brings home the awareness of having shared a journey made up of both kilometers traveled together and learned and consolidated skills.

The playful mode, on the other hand, takes advantage of our The Amazing Race format. The Amazing Race is inspired by the Beijing Express program with a stage race that can be done in pairs, featuring creative and fun trials.

This is not a trivial relay race. At each stage of the journey, the couples will have to complete a challenging challenge, which will be crucial in determining their success.

In fact, passing the challenge is a necessary requirement to know what the next stage will be and head towards it before all the other players.

Why choose “Baveno Express”
This team building format represents an innovative way to work on many topics that are of vital importance within the company, including:

Conflict management;
Leadership skills;

The Team Building will take place in the Baveno area, and can also be adapted to the town of Stresa, through riddles and clues inspired by the history of the places selected in the fabulous setting of Lake Maggiore.

The experiential tests that are used in both modalities of Beijing Express are mostly carried out in teams of 10/15 people each.

Both the training and the playful modality allow the learning of decisive soft skills for the improvement of group performance, however following different methodologies.

On-the-go training uses the journey that is undertaken together as an opportunity to focus exclusively on improving teamwork. It combines moments of reflection, sharing and theoretical training with moments of challenge, practical experiences and engaging exercises.

The playful mode, on the other hand, exploits play and fun as an engine of change, because learning is always easier if you do it while having fun.

The skills and new ways of interacting that have been learned in team building become the assets of the team, which will make the best use of them by placing them in their daily life, in the work context.

How many participants do we recommend
Beijing Express is a format that can involve the entire corporate population.
The activities are mostly carried out in teams of 10/15 people each.

To ensure in-depth work on the whole team, the recommended number of participants is generally between 8 and 300 people.

For whom it is recommended
Beijing Express is a recommended format especially for those corporate teams who work together on an ongoing basis.

Several different company roles can participate, up to and including managers, to highlight how collaboration is necessary at all levels to achieve excellent performance.

Furthermore, in these formats it is also possible to involve collaborators who work in different departments, in order to make explicit the need for a collaboration that goes beyond the single company function, but involves the entire organization.

These team buildings can be particularly useful if undertaken before the start of a major challenge, a new project or a period of work aimed at obtaining an improvement in company results.

In fact, in this case team building allows you to take a moment to think about what works and what could be improved in your team, using fun and involvement in creative and out of the ordinary challenges as a driver of shared team growth.

With team building, all collaborators prepare to face the new task or new period that awaits them. When they find themselves operating in the working context, they will remember and put into practice all the skills learned in the field of team building.

Why choose on Verbano Events for your event on Lake Maggiore
Since 2000, Verbano Events has been involved in organizing the best team building activities on Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta customized for companies wishing to participate in valuable experiences for their team.

We are committed to offering you effective, unconventional initiatives capable of having a positive impact on all team members, we organize team building of 10 and 1500 people.

The Verbano Events staff will guide you and your team throughout the activity, carefully arranging the organization of your team building experience down to the smallest detail.



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